so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.

Tiger crotch

blood is thicker than water. clean up is a bitch.

bryan looks so happy. i know relationship take effort and an amount of caring, no matter how dysfunctional the sitution may be. but being free does you good. an abused wife that knows nothing else, is going to find another. see whats out there, you may only want what you know. don't fall into the steryotype. enjoy your newfound freedom. you have been looking forward to this. embrace it my friend. we are all happy for you. you may think im being mean, but after a while you'll see that i am a true friend. remember, water is thinner than blood. who would you rather have when there is a spill.

'console' him here, its his myspace. help him stay on point. don't let him become another victim.

30 inch rim

New Image Motorsports Cars @ the Club 08

Cars @ the Club 08 was a success. I made a video. check it out. any pics can be requested from the video.

In collaboration with, and, NIM held their annual show at Club Abyss in Sayreville NJ. Utilizing the club as the backdrop for the bikini contest and awards ceremony, holding an RC truck race and ATV stunt demo, the Cars @ the Club Show attracted a number of top notch cars, local car clubs, and hundreds of spectators. Thanks to everyone that came out, supported, and participated. This video is for you guys that participated so find your ride and tell people to check out the video.

they built a RC course for the show at Abyss

NIM show 8

This saturday is the annual car show i am partially resonsible for. So if you are local, come out and show your ride, or come out an have a good time. Its at Club Abyss in Sayreville NJ and its free to spectate. Hope to see you there. For more info go to

New Image Motorsports @ NightShift NY June 21, 2008

*edit* July 11, 2010 video reuploaded with original audio

this is officially the first NIMvideo!

Bringing down the house in nightshift NY. Congrats to all. thanks to all that came out and supported. It was a hot day but it was worth it! Great job on the displays and the spin wheel with prizes. This is how we do...

best team overall
2nd place team display
most entered award

hottest wild BMW
2nd place elite

2nd place 4dr mild
hottest audi

3rd place 2dr wild
hottest wild mazda

hottest wild honda
hottest paint
best of show radical

best lexus
best of show performance
3rd place JDM aftermarket
4th place 4dr street M45
hottest infinity mild

5th place 4dr mild
hottest mercedes

2nd place 4dr mild
hottest mild nissan

hottest wild volkswagon
2nd 4dr street

3rd place 2dr street

5th place 4dr street

best vinyl


this was serious.